October 10, 2013

It's an honor just to be nominated.

I have been graciously nominated for a Liebster Award courtesy of a lovely anonymous poster and the Lobe Stir blog. They have asked that I answer the below questions.
*What is your writing routine/ritual like?
Every night before I go to bed, I write a blog post for the next morning. On nights that I'm grumpy or tired or both, the post for the following day sucks.

*What do you do when you get stuck?
Getting stuck means that I have to spend hours combing the Interwebs for fascinating stories that I can give my own pithy spin to. Or I look at LOLCats or someecards for 45 minutes of completely wasted time, and then write about my daughter moving out or my husband being genetically unable to throw anything away.

*What is your favorite sentence that you wrote this year?
I don't keep such close track of my sentences, but I do like my ability to create them. I'm relatively partial to the opening sentence here, but only in that I would love to win an award. Otherwise, at the risk of offending the judges with my ridiculously liberal views, I select this sentence:
 "The complete disconnect between the rabid defense of the 2nd Amendment by some Representatives coupled with the self-destructive desire to eliminate all government to the point where they no longer have jobs, and these same elected officials' desire to do everything in their power to regulate the minutiae of my reproductive cycle never strikes them as odd."
And most importantly:
*Do you know any good jokes?
No. I know some really bad ones, though. 

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Anonymous said...

I just posted this comment, but I doubt it went through because they wanted five forms of id and my firstborn child, which I did not surrender. YOU ARE A WINNER. Sorry if that was unclear! You won! You won! And if you answer the questions AND nominate other awesome blogs, then you can snag the Liebster icon from off the internet and plaster it all over your blog. Also, BAD JOKES WELCOME. If it's a pedophile joke, however, I will pass. Going to post this as anonymous to avoid the aforementioned problems. But I am the Beret half of LobeStir, and you can also find me at beretolsen.wordpress.com.