September 25, 2009

Friday Book Blogging

Thanks to a couple of days off, I managed eight books this week. My favorite was Susan Wittig Albert's The Tale of Applebeck Orchard. This is the latest in Ms. Albert's series featuring Beatrix Potter.
It includes the observations of not only the (fictional) inhabitants of the Land Between the Lakes that Albert creates to carry the tale, but the conversations of many characters that "peopled" beloved Beatrix Potter stories. Included in Applebeck Orchard are Rascal the foxhound, Max the Manx, Fritz the ferret, and Bosworth the badger, among others. These tea-sipping, book-reading, scone-baking animals add a childlike charm to the book.
Albert calls this series "family mysteries." And because as I read it, I could imagine myself a decade ago sitting on the Punkin's bed reading a chapter or two at bedtime, I agree. Perhaps that memory, as much as the story itself, was why I liked it so much.

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