October 27, 2009


I'm thinking of setting a Guinness Book world record for the least interest in setting a world record. But just by thinking it, I suppose I'm out of the running.
Shouldn't there be some sort of guideline as to what can reasonably be a record-holding feat? Longest fingernails or largest cheesecake do not strike me as things we should be awarding as superlatives. Beyond that, it just encourages a new crop of wackos.
I read that a Michigan man put 16 cockroaches in his mouth (The article does not mention if they are living or dead.) for a shot at the Guinness Book. What is astonishing (beyond the cockroaches and the quantity) is that he's trying to beat a previous record. Some other lunatic did this already.
Where in the name of all that is holy did someone come up with the idea of putting cockroaches in his mouth. And what were the Guinness people thinking when they added his name to the pantheon of dubious achievements that they sell annually?
Perhaps we need to set up a Guinness record for stupidity. Nah. Too much competition.

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