November 6, 2009

Friday Book Blogging

Of the seven books I read this week, I'm recommending the latest Mary Russell novel by Laurie R. King, but with reservations. I love everything about The Language of Bees except the ending. It has those atrocious words, "to be continued..."
Nothing frustrates a devourer (is that a word?) of books more than those words followed by a seemingly interminable wait for the author to actually pen the continuation.
However, the introduction of Sherlock Holmes' illegitimate son by The Woman is a wonderful twist in a series that has faithfully upheld the integrity of Sherlock Holmes while humanizing him at the same time. The story dips into fundamentalist religious charlatans and bizarre ritual. It is suitably Holmsian, but not without excitement. And, if I haven't mentioned it, I'm dying to know how it ends!!
Perhaps I should recommend holding off until the second part rolls off the presses... .

p.s. Yay! for post #1111

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