November 27, 2009

Friday Book Blogging

Boy these long holiday weekends really screw with my schedule! Sorry I'm late, but it is still Friday, and that means Friday Book Blogging.
Seven books back to the library this week. My top pick is a book that I didn't like at all when I started reading it, but I stuck with it to page 75 and then some. David Liss writes some astonishingly realistic historical fiction. As you know from my typical picks, I really enjoy historical fiction.
Liss's latest tale, The Devil's Company, takes place in London in 1722. His protagonist, ex-boxer, part-time thief-taker, Benjamin Weaver is dragged, against his will, into a web of corporate espionage in one of the most infamous (and oldest) corporations in the world, The British East India Company.
Much of the dialogue is as relevant today as it was nearly 300 years ago, and the story twists through London's old streets stopping at a satisfying number of unsavory taverns and bawdy houses.

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