February 26, 2010

Friday Book Blogging

No contest this week. Of the six books I read, Christopher Fowler's The Water Room was by far the best. This is the third of his Bryant and May mysteries I tackled. They are remarkable stories combining quirky camaraderie, arcane London history, and well-plotted whodunits. I've thoroughly enjoyed all and plan to put my hands on the rest in good time.
The Water Room has the quintessential grumpy old men, Arthur Bryant and John May, detecting a bizarre series of deaths that are somehow connected with London's underground rivers. In creating Bryant and May, Fowler has imbued them with so much humanity that I imagine I could travel to London and stop by Morningside Crescent for tea and get a boiled sweet from Mr. Bryant as he rattles on about Roman pagan cults and their relation to the London Underground or some other esoterica.
For someone like me who loves history and mysteries, Bryant and May are tops in their field.

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