April 24, 2013

Cat Lady

There is a stray cat who lives under our deck. He appears to have belonged to someone a long time ago because it looks like he's missing some (two) notable body parts. And he's SUPER-friendly. However, he's been on lam for a while and managed to also lose a chunk of his left ear. We have taken to calling him Nacho because of this notch.
He seems to be fascinated by the three cats who live INside the house. In return, two of the indoor cats are carefully monitoring his behavior. In fact, one of them, Remus, is possitively obsessed. He paws at doors and windows when he knows Nacho is on the other side. He paces the house in search of the best window by which to track this interloper.
Once, Remus got out and gave Nacho a few hearty bats to the head to let him know who was in charge. Oddly both are large, black, and relatively old.

I so badly do NOT want another cat.

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