April 12, 2013

Friday Book Blogging

Frankly any book that does not make mention of taxes is a big hit with me right now. I read three this week, and my favorite, as always, is decidedly pedestrian. (I'm still not over the guilt.)

I am choosing, however, well-established author Carolyn Hart's Skulduggery as my top pick this week. Despite moments of pedantic exposition and a somewhat dated feel (It was originally written in 1984 and re-released last year.), Skulduggery is a decent suspense novel. It has the feel of Barbara Michaels' Vicky Bliss novels, but with a bit more railing against social injustice.
Still, I had fun following Ellen Christie through the warren of San Francisco's Chinatown.


Steve Finnell said...

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punkinsmom said...

Thank you, Steve, but no.