April 26, 2013

Friday Book Blogging

I accomplished two and a half books (not men) this week, including the completion of the Thomas Jefferson from last week. The top spot was won by Carola Dunn with her Valley of the Shadow.
This is part of a series referred to as "Cornish mysteries." Dunn is more well-known for her Daisy Dalrymple series, but oddly, the three I read I did not much care for.
In Cornwall, we follow the story along with Aunt Nell, an accomplished world traveler and organizer who always (naturally) sticks her nose into her Detective Sergent niece's business. The tension between characters pulls at the pages. The story, while predictable, satisfied.
This is generally classified as an historical because it is set in the late 60s. While this week's pick is the third in the series, I also enjoyed book two previously.

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