May 13, 2013

Mom of the year

I like my mom (contrary to previous posts). We are, at this stage of life, friends. She wasn't (as I've mentioned) the most maternal mother in the world.
She was pretty hands-off when we were younger and then vaguely disapproving once we hit adolescence. That vague disapproval is why I don't call more often. But she was never deliberately mean and she managed to get three of us launched into life pretty decently (on her own, I might add!).
Therefore, celebrating Mother's Day is a reasonable thing for me: Sure, she deserves a day to be honored.
It never occurred to me until talking to the LSH yesterday, whose mother took lessons from Joan Crawford, that not everyone has a reason to celebrate Mother's Day. Granted, he's on the lower end of the spectrum, there are likely hundreds of thousands of moms who suck even worse. What do their kids do on Mother's Day?

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