May 6, 2013

Pass the pain killers, please

The self-righteousness that accompanies the aching muscles after a weekend of gardening diminishes in relation to the amount of work accomplished in the garden as I age.
Or: I ache horribly and feel like I got very little done which makes the aches worse.

To be fair, I did one of the garden chores most difficult on my back, mucking out the pond. (I may have mentioned it before. --not a fan.)
We also spread a cubic yard of mulch. Yes, a cubic yard. That's the equivalent of 13½ bags from the local Lowes.
The most important addition to the garden was the hummingbird feeder since our season starts May 1st. I haven't seen one yet, but we're ready for them!

Still, even looking at that list, all I think is: I shouldn't need to work so hard to stand up.

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