May 20, 2013


LSH and I worked all day long on Saturday. In fact, we put in a solid 12 hours, although 2 of those hours were spent purchasing annuals to plant. The Punkinhouse back yard is beautifully decorated and planted and clean and open for summer. (Please do not notice the peeling paint on the clapboards, that will be taken care of soon. --I hope!) Unfortunately, we are still not finished. In fact we have likely two more 12-hour days to go before we reach the "eff it; good enough" stage of the yard.

But all that work on Saturday was followed on Sunday by a complete day of leisure (for me). We went on the Ohio City Home Tour. (Why is it so fun to peek into other people's homes?) We ate at a trendy little restaurant in the area. We got back home with plenty of afternoon left for reading with a tall iced coffee under the umbrella on the back deck. We got to visit with a good friend and neighbor. And I'm only a tiny bit sunburned.
Sundays are almost perfect. Their only downfall is that they are followed by Mondays.

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