May 2, 2013

Some observations on the city of Indianapolis:

  • They do not sell beer at gas stations. (This seems eminently reasonable since the sale of alcohol at a location whose sole purpose is to service a vehicle never struck me a logical, but I'm so used to seeing towers of Budweiser at the local Speedway, that it was noteworthy.)
  • Everyone we work with "never goes downtown" but downtown was bustling with people. Who are these people? 
  • There is no real barrier between you and raving homeless people who will threaten to kill innocent bystanders if the Pacers lose. (Thank god they won.)
  • It is the first (and I hope, only) time I have ever witnessed what appeared to be a reasonably well-off middle-aged woman have a fight with a drunken homeless man who she had apparently picked up off the streets earlier in the week and was now throwing him "and his stuff" out of her hotel room. 
  • The "world famous" St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail will clear your sinuses. Guaranteed.

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