June 10, 2013

Let's go to the zoo

I'm in Decatur, Illinois, and the laptop's not working. Posting this week will be spotty at best.

I would offer my apologies in advance, but that spottiness problem has already begun. Is there anything interesting happening? I'm literally surrounded by cornfields and fine dining here is the local Olive Garden.
I did visit the zoo on Sunday. I'm a little crazy at the zoo. I LOVE zoos. LOVE THEM! My family (especially Punkinhead) makes fun of me for it. I talk to the animals. I run from exhibit to exhibit. I laugh at silly things they do. I've been known to skip....
The Scovill Zoo has a little zoo train that loops a in a semicircle around the perimeter of the zoo. I rode it. I also rode the Endangered Animals carousel (very cool!) on the capybara.
And I went to the little petting farm and fed the goats. It was a little unusual to do by myself, but I'm sure all the stares from strangers were just because I was having so much fun. Right?

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