June 17, 2013

So. Father's Day.

I consider Father's Day to be completely about the father of my child. To me yesterday was all about LSH. In little ways. And he would probably disagree since he did do a couple loads of laundry, but (and this is important) of his own volition. I did not even gently suggest it.
It's difficult for me to think of the day in terms of my own father because he has been gone for so long. This year marked 34 years since his sudden death. I have been more changed as a person by his absence than by his presence. But I don't mean that in a bad way.
His death, when I was still a child, changed the person I became. And because I like the person I am, I have accepted the twists and turns in my life that led me here.
The only time I get a bit melancholy is when I think about how much he would have loved being a grandpa to Punkinhead. 

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