August 16, 2013

Friday Book Blogging

This week's top pick is a silly "mystery" by Lisa Lutz featuring her Spellman characters. Curse of the Spellmans is the second in the series, but my library doesn't have the first. I imagine it would have been easier to pick up since this one makes reference to events in the first novel, but it wasn't too difficult to fill in the blanks.
The story is told by Isabel Spellman and the writing is such that the story actually feels like Isabel is telling you the story. This book easily translates to the spoken word. Izzy is the eldest daughter in a family whose business is investigations. That, as we learn, leads to awkward and funny situations. This is classified as a mystery, but there are no murders or bodies, so it skates a fine line.
Still, it was fun and funny. What those critic-types would call a "romp."

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