August 26, 2013

What's with the sharing?

I love my mother, my sister, my daughter, my husband, my country, and my kitty cats. I am for all human rights, and against torture (of humans or animals).
I don't need to share a picture to prove it.
Also, sharing a quote does not make you a better Christian. Nor does it serve to "cast out Satan." Telling everyone you hate cancer or child abuse is like admitting that you have rudimentary typing skills. All of these things are honest and safe assumptions. No need to "share" on Facebook.


pengo said...

Better to blog about it.

Bente V said...

I agree with you, Karen, and I also hate all the political garbage that is posted on Fb. Granted, some are too funny, sad, asinine, ridiculous, but I do not need that stuff every time I check my Fb.