August 22, 2013

Women's lib

I like to think that I have a pretty decent sense of humor. (Don't we all like to think that!?) For example, THIS.
But this new virtual game of slapping a Hillary Clinton avatar as soon as she speaks is a bit offensive. Someone ought to point out that slapping people (women) for speaking is barbaric and implicitly endorses violence against women. In the same way that Grand Theft Auto endorses hit-and-run vehicular homicide.
Okay, so it probably doesn't endorse violence against women. And all the people who are upset about it are probably overreacting just a tinch. They might get upset over a videogame with the objective of spanking Sarah Palin, but I'd bet a lot of them would just shrug. But this game does try to make beating women seem funny. (It's not.)
Really, anything widely disseminated in pop culture should not make light of demeaning and degrading women. With all the recent restrictions on women's health choices and insinuation that people who are insulted by the "slap Hillary" game are bitter shrewish hags, the degradation of women seems much better suited to reality.

h/t to SIL Jessica for the Squirrel vid.

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