October 8, 2013

Majority rules

When I was in elementary school, I remember watching "Bill" become a law on Schoolhouse Rock. It never discussed how to undo a law, but in Government class (formerly known as civics), we learned about Constitutional amendments, amending laws, writing new laws that override older ones, rewriting bills, continuing resolutions, etc.

We never learned that it was okay for the party that held one half of one third of the government with a tenuous majority to refuse to accept an established law and to attempt to thwart that law by deliberately withholding funding for the regular functions of the federal government.
How is it possible that 233 Congressmen and women have become so far removed from reality that they think dismantling our government and destroying nearly 250 years of the American experiment in democracy achieves anything healthy for our nation. 233 people are determined to undermine the majority rule in favor of refusing to play until they get their way. You would think that a 113, Congress would be a little more mature than a spoiled three-year-old.

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