November 27, 2013

Shop n stop

I will not be shopping tomorrow. I will not be shopping on Friday either. I have also removed from my shopping list all stores that are open on Thanksgiving.
I know some people don't have families. Or friends. Or empathy. They don't care that they are inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of hourly workers who now have to leave their families so that they can serve you sausage-gravy. Or sell you a v-neck sweater. Or clean up aisle 5.
Because no matter how much the Targets and Walmarts and Sears protest that their employees can opt out of working on Thanksgiving, we know that most of them can't afford to not work. And that is a whole other post.
So in the meantime, note that while Thanksgiving hours have expanded from last year, the number of people who say they will shop has declined by nearly half to just over 10%. If you or your friend can hold off just one more day to indulge your greed, retailers may start to lose money on the day and we can get back to the tradition of waiting in long lines in frigid temperatures AFTER the turkey dinner instead of during it.

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