November 19, 2013

Woodland sprites or tree gnomes

We have three trees in our suburban back yard, two of which cannot be circled by fewer than three adults. They are huge pin oaks. (You may recall me posting about the pelting rain of acorns last month.)
While I love these trees in summer, I'm not quite so fond of them in fall. And in the storm that roared through on Sunday, I REALLY dislike the trees. Granted, the storm here was nothing compared to the destruction it wrought through Illinois and other places that tornadoes struck, but for over two hours the wind was pretty intense --I would guess sustained at near 40 mph.
When you have three trees in your back yard, none of which is further than 20 feet from your house, all of which are larger and taller than your house, two hours of gale-force wind is nerve-wracking.
And all that anxiety, thankfully, for nothing. I'm grateful to the tenacity of oak trees and the good earth for holding on. Or the woodland sprites.

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