January 20, 2014

Chattering clattering cloud of starlings

The Interwebs tell me that one of the collective nouns for starlings is a "murmuration." The word itself is poetic, but doesn't seem to fit the twitchy off-tempo chorus that a group of starlings embodies. However, after watching on YouTube, thousands of them in flight breathe a murmuration. Obviously the poetry is lost on the scrabbling two dozen I see from my window.
Other options include the  spiritual "congregation," and the ethereal "cloud." Although, I can see the potential for "thundercloud," that was not listed.
"Clattering" is something that wooden spoons do when the fall. Or reindeer hooves on rooftops. 
So we are left with "chattering" which perfectly embodies the rude hostility crowded at my birdfeeder.
Knowing they have the potential for a murmuration, makes me like them a little bit more though.

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