January 14, 2014

Teach a lesson

At the risk of "piling on" Chris Christie, let me say that any man who yells at a teacher does not deserve our respect.
     Throwing his people under the bus? Jerk move, but maybe they deserved it.
     Not knowing what his chief of staff was doing? Jersey is a big state. Possible.
     Making a press conference ostensibly to apologize all about him? Little narcissistic, but aren't all politicians these days?
     Being proud of being a loudmouth bully? That might fly in GOP-land (except if you are a black or female loud-mouth bully) and in New Jersey, but not in the rest of the country. We speak to our teachers politely. 
Of all the things this man has done, what always strikes me the most is Christie, on the campaign trail, berating a teacher. Teaching is the most important occupation in this country. Educating the next generation with accurate, fact-based knowledge and instilling a life-long thirst for that knowledge strengthens our nation and our world immeasurably. So a man who uses his bully-pulpit to close a bridge isn't nearly as dangerous as a man who uses it to belittle and disrespect teachers.

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