January 28, 2014

The difference

You know that I'm not sure I would raise the legislation and rhetoric that is being tossed around by the conservatives regarding women in general to the level of warfare, but they seem to be missing the point of the accusations.
Those of us who have issues with the way in which women are treated by the GOP are not suggesting that individual men in each political party are nicer or nastier or any more or less respectful to individual women. So the weekend's argument that Democrats are bad with women's rights because look what Bill Clinton did is not only idiotic; it's far off the mark.
Yes, Bill Clinton was a horndog who couldn't keep his pants zipped. And power is a huge aphrodisiac for women and he knew it and used it. Bad.
But he never supported legislation that denied a woman access to healthcare. Or prescriptions. Or equal pay. All of which the GOP en masse is determined to do to women en masse. That is the problem. And every time they speak, they prove their ignorance.
This large group of predominantly old white men cannot fathom why we little ladies would need to go the the doctor to have our ladyparts looked at every year. Or that we might want a prescription for birth control. (Do NOT question their need for 4 different kinds of erection drugs.)
Or, if we wanted to terminate a pregnancy, that we could not possibly know our own minds on the subject and would need to be "counseled" and dissuaded and forced to endure humiliation and abuse. Because what unnatural woman wouldn't want to become a mother. It's our sole purpose in life as far as many of them are concerned.
And that being the case, we women certainly don't need equal pay for equal work, because you should be home with the babies anyway. Don't forget to not vote either. We can't have you worrying your pretty little head about something as manly as politics.
See? It's not a war on women. All those nice old men are just looking out for us.

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