February 21, 2014

Friday Book Blogging

This week I accomplished three books, the best of which was Lauren Willig's Ashford Affair. We follow the life of Addie in flashbacks, while in the present-day, her grown granddaughter learns who she is and was. The mystery of what happened, or more accurately, how it happened long ago in Kenya between the wars is never fleshed out, but all the other loose ends are neatly knotted.
I picked this up because I really enjoy Willig's Pink Carnation series based on the Scarlet Pimpernel spy novel of Baroness Orczy. She has a quirky take on the whole Regency spy that was fun to read. This book is nothing like any of the Pink Carnation novels, but diverting and epic without feeling like you've just slogged through a century of history.

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