March 6, 2014

Things still suck in the Ukraine

Just once, I'd like to see a journalist respond to Senator McCain's or Paul's or Graham's whining diatribe on the "weakness of the President with WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Seriously.
Russia invaded Ukraine because Obama is weak? Really? Hey, France's president isn't so almighty either. Maybe he's at fault. Or maybe Denmark is marching into Lithuania right now because of his weakness. Is that how it works?
If big, ballsy Reagan were here, this wouldn't have happened. Right. Because back then, Russia was already there. All these politicians who have seen the president of OUR OWN COUNTRY as the enemy from the time he took the oath of office are gleefully piling on with incessant mawkish cries of "weak" "failure" "naive." But not a single one of them has offered a suggestion on what the U.S. should do. And the supposed journalists who are conducting the "interviews" let them drone on about all the things Barack Obama is doing wrong. Stop. It's time for these guys to man-up and offer some solutions or get the hell off the teevee.

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