April 14, 2014

Just do it.

I know. I should have posted a Friday Book Blog. I didn't. I haven't been reading very much so I had nothing to share.
I did cut a deal with my LSH whose turn it was to do our taxes this year. I traded mucking out the pond for taxes. Funny enough: we BOTH think we got the better end of the deal.
So, our taxes are filed, and the amazingly resilient Demeter and Persephone who somehow managed to survive the winter-of-never-ending-polar-vortices in that teeny pond choked with oak leaves are quite happy to be in clear, clean flowing water again! It does appear that spring is tenatively here.
Artist's representation of Demeter
Artist's representation of Persephone
I do wish it would hurry along though so we can assess what we have that was not as hardy as our two orange friends. Already, I know we lost the top half of an azalea and nearly all the buds on the pieris japonica.

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