April 21, 2014

simple test

Just as there is a compelling argument for mandatory testing to renew a driver's license after the age of 80 on the grounds that you could be a danger to those around you, so should there be for voter registration.
If you think:
  • mandating the purchase of health insurance is communist, 
  • it's okay to use the N-word as long as you're not in mixed (racially mixed) company, 
  • spending taxpayer dollars to keep American children from starving is wasteful, but Blue Angels' flyovers at the Nascar races are patriotic,
  • women are popping birth control pills as if they were tic tacs,
  • the right to bear arms is in danger of being abolished,
  • it's okay to treat gay people as less than human,
  • the Founding Fathers were Christian men who founded a Christian nation,
then you don't deserve to vote. You are too misinformed and will be a danger to our country.

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