June 12, 2014

By association

Today is the birthday of a lovely woman, who for some unknowable reason, decided to marry my brother. It is also the birthday of
  • 1519 – Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (d. 1574)  -the original Medici, accept no substitutes
  • 1806 – John A. Roebling, German-American engineer, designed the Brooklyn Bridge (d. 1869) -I always hear his name in John McCullough's voice. Thanks, PBS.
  •  1899 – Weegee, Ukrainian-American photographer (d. 1968)  -"themes of nudists, circus performers, freaks and street people" aka New Yorkers
  • 1924 – George H. W. Bush, American lieutenant and politician, 41st President of the United States  -of "read my lips" fame
  • 1941 – Marv Albert, American sportscaster -and rapist
  • 1953 – Timothy Duke, British heraldic, Chester Herald of Arms in Ordinary -walking anachronism
  • 1965 – Vicky Vette, Norwegian-American porn actress and model -do you think that's her real name?
  • 1974 – Kerry Kittles, American basketball player -NOT a porn actress. huh.


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