June 5, 2014


People my age and older complain a lot about the Internet taking away our privacy. You never hear the "Millennials" say a peep about it. Why? Because they don't actually expect privacy on the Internet. They have been trained since their first bite of mashed carrots that the Internet is omnipresent and potentially everlasting. They still post stupid crap that they'll regret later in life, but so does everyone else their age. And everyone sees it.
This is why the NSA scandal read as a bit of a joke to them. They assumed the tracking of their phone and data and Internet posting. Our outrage struck them as kind of ridiculous.
This is the age we live in. Either you are out there for all the world to see or you are living in a mud hut in the mountains of North Carolina with no electricity growing your own organic kale.
So maybe we older folks should consider lowering our expectations.

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