August 11, 2014

Color blind?

This is something I have always wondered, but Elise at IFLS and Michael at Vsauce state it better than I.
Everyone is told that the sky is blue, so we look at the sky and see blue. But what if what I perceive as sky blue is the same color that you perceive as sea green? Or cotton-candy pink? We don't know. We are both looking at a blue sky but may be seeing marginally different (or even radically different) colors.

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Bente V said...

An interesting point that reminds me of a friend whose son brought a painting home from school with a notation on it that it was a good effort but he had to remember to color the sky blue the next time! My friend was rather perturbed, saying "who says the sky is blue all the time, and what is blue?" My friend is a painter and her son became a photographer!