August 28, 2014

Out of the office

My brief "stay-cation" is over.
I read three books. I watched 17 hummingbird fights at the feeder. I saw a red-shouldered hawk try to catch an unwary sparrow. I bought two new outfits. I washed the bedsheets. I had a pedicure. I turned the air conditioning on because it was 89 degrees outside.
I was a lump for three days and now I'm paying for it at work. 5249 emails (pre-filter) down to just about 1700 after. I spent the day sorting and checking and answering. I left after 9 hours down to 127. Yay. This is why I don't like to take time off. And I don't even do anything important!

We need to work less.

 "Average worker productivity has doubled a couple of times since 1950, but income has stagnated—unless you’re just looking at the rich, who’ve become a great deal richer. The value from that extra productivity, after all, has to go somewhere." VICE

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