September 15, 2014

Bad parenting

The same people who post those pseudo-nostalgic "I rode a bike with no helmet and I'm okay" memes all the time, are raising their kids in sanitized, no-fail bubbles. Ask yourself: have you ever called a teacher about the grade your kid got on a test or assignment? Do your kids play in the neighborhood at improvised games with neighbors or only on organized softball leagues at perfectly manicured city parks?
I am so sick and tired of waiting behind a school bus with flashing red lights while little Miranda climbs out of mommy's (warm, running) SUV to get on the bus. Our world is not so dangerous that your child cannot wait for a school bus with other kids in a bit of rain.
You do all of us a disservice by implicitly teaching little Jackson that he should be frightened to do things on his own and that he requires your assistance to play, go to school, do his homework, meet friends. You are also bestowing an insane sense of entitlement on him when  you dispute his grades with teachers, have him excused from punishments by intervening with administrators, demand rewards for average accomplishments, all the while posting quaint pictures on Facebook about drinking out of the garden hose and going to the playground with your friends "back in the day."
Well, back in the day, if you screwed up at school, you got in trouble and daddy didn't get you out of it. (In fact, you likely got in trouble AGAIN at home!) And if you failed a test, mommy didn't call the teacher to get you a better grade. And you waited for the bus with the other kids at the neighborhood stop, even in the rain.

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