September 29, 2014

My accomplishment

I had the day off today, and despite the fact that I'm fighting an insidious sinus/ear thing, I managed to FINALLY repair the damn window pane that I broke two years ago with my unruly elbow.
In our old house we have true divided-light 6 over 6 windows wherever the previous  owners didn't replace them with horrible casements. They have the annoying storm/screen track windows attached to the outside (thankfully! brrrrr!), but the inside remains original. Previously, opening the dining room window I managed to somehow put my elbow completely through one of the panes of glass.
We patched it with saran wrap and scotch tape. Yes, we did. We then left it that way for a year.
Last year when we were wandering the aisles at a large home improvement store, I noticed that they had panes of glass. "What size do you think that window is, Honey?" "It's just the one pane. It can't be bigger than 8x10. Get that one and we can cut it down if we need to." A plan.
The flaw: turns out each pane is 9x12. huh.
Today at our local hardware store, they not only sold me a pane of glass, THEY cut it to my exact specifications. (Which the giant home improvement mega-store was unwilling to do.) I brought it home, scraped the remnants of the putty out, bent the points back, inserted the glass (with only the tiniest cut to the side of my finger), re-bent the points to hold it, and caulked the whole thing in.
I am a home improvement DIVA! Now I am in danger of breaking it again just because every time I walk past it, I have to give it a giggly little tap because it isn't thin plastic wrap anymore.

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