October 22, 2014

All elections are important

In less than two weeks, it is Election Day. Sadly, most of you will not be voting. Even during a presidential election, only about half of eligible voters go to the polls. Only HALF. For what is called "midterms" (in reference to the middle of the presidential 4-year term) we Americans who are all kinds of gung-ho about democracy in other countries, average about a third. That's right about a third of all American citizens over the age of 18 will be voting in this year's election.
For all of you over-18-year-olds who aren't registered to vote: WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!?
For all of you who are registered but will fail to vote for whatever lame reason: WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU??!?!
For all of you who are registered, but will be unable to vote because of new requirements at the polls that you are unable to meet: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE IN A DEMOCRACY DON'T VOTE.
Not only does not voting allow you an extra 45 minutes of free time on the first Tuesday in November, but it also allows lawmakers whose views represent only a narrow margin of the electorate to gain office. And then they get to decide where to spend your tax money. And how many times we need to invoke God when pledging allegiance. And who should live. And who should die. And what you can do with your body. And what you can't. And who can vote. And where. And when.
And then, you look around to discover that the America you thought you lived in, is actually not there anymore because two-thirds of it decided that voting wouldn't matter anyway. And by that time, they would be right.
Don't let this happen. VOTE.

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encore apprentice said...

Most Americans don't believe that voting makes a difference, those who do most of the time fail to see where their vote made the difference. I, personally vote at every opportunity that I get, I realize that, maybe not my grandmother, but someone's grandmother, fought hard for women to have a chance to vote and I am not going to take that for granted. Love your post, hopefully you get at least 1 more soul to vote these midterms.