November 26, 2014

Adventures in renovating

We have been spending so much time trying to get things done in the bathroom (have I mentioned 1. renovating a bathroom on your own while working full time is unpleasant and nearly impossible? and 2. how much I hate HGTV for making us believe that two doofuses like me and LSH can do crap like this?) that I had until this morning not really thought about the fact that I had promised dessert for Thanksgiving at my mom's and I had not purchased a single ingredient. Oops.
So I got to spend a fun-filled hour at the grocery store while LSH installed the toilet. This worked fine until I got home to help... and we promptly cracked the bowl. (I had planned to keep the toilet even though everything else will be new.)
Now, LSH gets to spend Black Friday at Home Cheapo buying a toilet. Lucky guy!

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