November 5, 2014

There oughta be a law

I can't discuss the elections yet. It's too soon.

Instead, let's virtually visit a country that has somewhat more voter turnout in their "midterm" elections. Hmmm. Let's see....
We could go to Malta where 94% of its eligible voters go to the polls on election day.
Or Chile where voting is mandatory and failing to vote is fined.
Or Austria. Or Belgium. Or Italy, Luxembourg, Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Venezuela, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, all of which have voter turn out at 85% or better. In fact the United States seems to stand alone in failing to have even HALF of its eligible voters cast ballots for its lower house of representatives of the 40 nations on the list who have direct elections for a similar body.

How about here: our erstwhile ally and nearest competitor for crappy voter turnout
If you guessed Pakistan, YOU'RE RIGHT! Congratulations. You win. Except you don't.

Turnout in national lower house elections, 1960–1995
Current estimates for average nationwide turnout yesterday are about 36½%.

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