December 8, 2014

Why I'm not reading

Yeah, yeah. I know. I didn't do a Friday Book Blog AGAIN last week. But the truth is I haven't read an entire book since I-can't-remember-when. Every spare second is spent on our bathroom remodel.
We are doing all the work ourselves AND paying cash, so it is, by necessity, being completed in stages.
We have this luxury because there is a second bathroom in the house. (That was a real selling point for houses built in the 50s when this house was completely overhauled from a summer cottage to a year-round home. Today you are hard-pressed to find a new home that doesn't have more bathrooms than bedrooms!)
The downside to doing the work ourselves is that (aside from being a lot of work! --and if I haven't mentioned it: I hate you, HGTV, for making this crap look so easy!) it takes ALL of your free time. So I have been reading (or not reading) the same book for the past two weeks and I'm only half-way through.
The upside to remodeling on your own is the enormous sense of accomplishment and the tons of money you save. Anything that reinforces my awesomeness and puts money in my pocket is going to win out over reading, at least temporarily.

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