February 5, 2015

A shot in the arm

The news keeps referring to concentrated areas where parents have refused to vaccinate their children against preventable deadly diseases as "pockets where families tend to be highly-educated and  wealthy"
But really, how well-educated can they be if they believe a single discredited and falsified study published in 1998 and then publicly repudiated in the Lancet in 2010 imagining a link between ONE vaccine (in combination) and autism based on a sample size slightly smaller than my graduating class with not a single corroborating study and championed only by a doctor who had his medical license revoked and a kooky Hollywood starlet.
I actually read a comment from one of these anti-vaxxers that argued that at its peek, measles only killed about 450 kids a year, so it's less dangerous than car accidents. That's it. That was the whole comment. As if those 450 deaths are acceptable because a completely unrelated thing also causes deaths.
All you poor kids suffering from measles because mommy and daddy thought you might go autistic after the shot or they didn't want to "pollute" your sacred corporeal temple with long chemical words that, while they are harmless for hundreds of millions of children around the world, surely would have upset the delicate balance of kale and quinoa in your system: I'm sorry. I hope you overcome this nasty illness, get yourself vaccinated and tell your parents they're idiots.

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