March 30, 2015


I wish I was one of those thoughtful people who keep a journal. Specifically a garden journal. Each year I could note the new plants that I add and the ones that failed. I can record the date the crocus bloomed and the crab-apple. If we had an especially large crop of pears or acorns, I would write that down. And when the first red-winged blackbird appeared. Or the first hummingbird. All of this information would be useful for keeping track of how the garden is doing right now and would make a lovely gift to my future grandchild (no pressure, Punkinhead).
Alas, I have never been dutiful about diaries and the recording of mundane occurrences. So I will not remember from year-to-year if the pieris is blooming late or early. And my future grandchildren (no pressure, Punkinhead) will have to be content with inheriting my biting wit.

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