May 29, 2015

Friday Book Blogging

Holy god! It's been over TWO MONTHS since I've written a Friday Book Blog! And with this week being short (well, the week is still 7 days, but I had a few days off just like the rest of 'Murica) I didn't post as much as I should have, but what I am posting is --that's right-- a Friday Book Blog! Woohoo!
*disclaimer* Just because I'm posting about this book, does not mean that it is especially amazing. I just feel like I need to throw a FBB up here and I have been seriously slacking.
I've (obviously) read a load of books since the previous post on March 22, and nearly all of them were enjoyable. I think, though, I'll give the spot to an old favorite who hasn't had a nod from me before.
David Handler's The Girl Who Ran Off with Daddy features Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag, author, ghostwriter, screenwriter from Hollywood's Big Hair 80s slightly settled in with a new baby daughter and lovely wife on the East coast when what appears to me to be a thinly-veiled replica of the 80s Marlon Brando rides into town. The mystery that follows is interesting enough, but I really like the Hoagy mysteries for the nostalgic look at the decade of Fantasy Island, shoulder pads, and mullets.
Handler also writes a series in Connecticut featuring "mismatched romantic crime-fighting duo of New York City film critic Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Resident Trooper Desiree Mitry" which are also very good.

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