July 27, 2015

New York Magazine's 35 Women

One of the biggest reasons the 35 women who have now publicly spoken out against Bill Cosby were marginalize and ignored for so long is that we have a predisposition in this country to assume that a "nobody" accusing a celebrity of something heinous is just out for herself. She wants money or fame or both and has made up a terrible story for attention.
So many people dismissed these women at first, not because of how much they like Cliff Huxtable (although that played a significant part) but because we attributed petty motives to these brave women. They had to know what the reaction to their accounts would be. Yet they persevered and did not waiver.
Now we see 35 women who all have similar stories spanning back over 45 years.

Now don't we all feel belittled for blaming the victim? We should.

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