August 24, 2015

All I'm saying about that man

I've been tempted to write about Trump recently, but have held back simply because too many people are talking about him. So I'm just going to say this: 
The fact that this arrogant, ignorant asshat is the front-runner in the race for the GOP nomination for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is so horrifying and desperately sad, that I fear for my country. Seriously.
If the racist jerks who feared an Obama presidency felt even ONE QUARTER of the trepidation and revulsion I feel for "the Donald" then I empathize. The difference being, Obama wasn't an incompetent buffoon who made our nation a laughing stock, whereas --even before the election-- by virtue of his leading in the polls, Trump has managed to elicit the scorn of every civilized country on Earth.
Enough. Please.

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