August 31, 2015

What's in a name?

Ohio Rep. Mike Turner (R) is "furious." And it's all Obama's fault.
...President Obama will restore the native name of America's highest mountain. Since 1917, the peak known to Athabascans as "Denali," or "the Great One," has been named for the assassinated President William McKinley, an Ohio native whose visage also graces the $500 bill. Since 1975, Alaskan politicians have attempted to restore the Denali name, the one Alaskans typically use anyway.
"This is an issue that was resolved in 1917," [Turner] said. "Mount McKinley was named for an assassinated Republican president by a bipartisan action of Congress. It was signed by Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat. It was accomplished by a group of President McKinley's contemporaries, to dedicate something to his service. President Obama’s actions toss aside the sacrifice of President McKinley. Imagine the outrage if in 100 years, a Republican would undo John F. Kennedy’s name from landmarks?"
  1. In case you didn't know, McKinley was assassinated. In fact, to hear these politicians talk, that is his single greatest claim to fame. Aside from the annexing of the Philippines and Guam which they frequently forget to mention...
  2. This issue is clearly NOT resolved. Nor was it resolved in 1917. In fact, had Mr. Turner (or Mr. McKinley for that matter) ever visited Alaska, they would have noticed that no one in Alaska calls the mountain "McKinley." 
  3. Turner's comparison to JFK is specious, since no natural formations (including mountains) are named after Kennedy. In fact, to throw the McKinley descendants a bone, why not rename an airport for McKinley? Or a school? Something to get them to stop whining that we are returning the name of this mountain to the original in place of what began as a campaign slogan concocted by a Republican prospector.

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