September 17, 2015

Fight against reality

I''m currently reading a (very well-written) book about the assassination of President Garfield in 1881. I know he is eventually going to die. After all, this is non-fiction, based on known events from documented historical sources. We all learned (certainly Northeast Ohioans learned) of President Garfield in countless history lessons throughout a decade of schooling.
But I find myself reluctant to finish this book. Subconsciously believing that this time, at the last minute one of his doctors thinks to use an antiseptic, or to leave him heal on his own. Or maybe even before the assassination, someone recognizes madness in the shooter and has him committed, or doesn't sell him a gun. Something.
After learning more about what kind of man Garfield was (genial, brilliant, egalitarian, humble, patient, strong), it seems an even greater crime that he died. And in such a way.

Perhaps if I just read to page 228... .

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