September 28, 2015

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Supermoon!

The clouds did not cooperate with my SUPERBLOODMOON viewing last night. LSH and I caught a grand total of about a minute (in 10 second increments) of the whole event.
Still, what we saw was pretty cool.
I was, however, disappointed with how little the moon looked. I suppose 14% isn't a large increase in the appearance of its size, but it really looked just normal-sized from where I was standing. The lunar eclipse I saw in August of 1989 on the side of a mountain in Ecuador was much more impressive. But, you know: on a mountain, on the equator, handsome boyfriend, summer study-abroad --that is one combo that would be hard to beat.
Sorry, Supermoon. Better luck in 2033.
(Or 2019 for regular moon)

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