September 14, 2015

Make note

I took some time off from writing/posting here. I was feeling an end-of-summer lull. There wasn't much to comment on that hasn't already been beaten into the ground.
But now summer is over.
  • All the kids are back in school. (I know this because I'm trapped behind at least two school buses every day on my way to work.)
  • The monarch butterflies are migrating south. (This is an amazingly cool thing to see.)
  • I haven't seen a hummingbird at the feeder in two days. (A true harbinger of fall.)
  • All the garden centers and local shops have mums for sale. (At least it's not wreaths and holly.)
  • Great Lakes Oktoberfest beer is on tap everywhere. (I think there's an Ohio law.)
  • The Browns are losing games that actually count. (Like this is something new.)
  • LSH went to a clambake. (I do not do bi-valves.)
  • People are wearing jackets. (Even in their Instagrams.)
So in honor of the coming change-of-season (just one week away), I am wearing socks and shoes to work today.
Sock and shoe on my feet.

Hey. Baby steps.

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