December 16, 2015

Have I mentioned how awesome Norway is?

The headline reads "Once again Norway has been voted the best country in the world for humans."
Yes, according to the UN, "Norway cinches the spot as the overall best country to live in, in the world—making this the 12th continuous year that it’s taken the title. Out of nearly 200 countries, Norway continues to score the highest in life expectancy, education, and standard of living, as well as in a number of smaller subcategories... ."

But for reindeer, it's decidedly NOT hospitable. Not only are they a source of red meat in Norway, badass Norwegian eagles have developed a taste for Rudolph and his fellow sleigh-pullers as well. "Olav Strand of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research told New Scientist that he has seen golden eagles kill adult reindeer weighing more than 130 pounds."

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