February 15, 2016

Another feminist rant

Here's a tidbit of American history for you: black men got the Constitutional right to vote a full FIFTY YEARS before women (of any color). It took a half-century for women to convince old white men that we were as competent and intelligent as a race of people they (at that time still) described in revoltingly sub-human terms.
(We immediately followed-up this victory by electing the handsome and charming Warren Harding who was a complete incompetent and sleezeball philanderer. --Nice job, ladies.) But this 50-year discrepancy has me speculating about what the hell our collective problem is with women in politics. Really, women in positions of power in any sphere. The media, especially social media, has taken great pains to paint the female front-runner in the presidential race as a political insider who will, if elected, serve bankers and millionaires, but not the "average American." She is branded as a liar and weakling by the opposition. Tens of thousands of women will not support her, saying, "I can't vote for someone just because of their gender." I say why not? Keeping in mind her abilities at least equal that of any other candidate (and surpass most), why not vote for the woman based solely on her gender.
It's about fucking time we had a woman President, and I for one will not wait another 50 years.

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