November 27, 2007


Squirrels have spent decades trying to persuade us that they are cute, fuzzy, helpless things. This adorability (is that a word?) has its roots back in Victorian times.

Courtesy of Walter Potter (no relation to Harry) who, in a mania of misguided taxidermy, created --among other things-- "Squirrels Club" which depicts some 15 or so red squirrels at a "gentlemen's club," squirrels squirrelled (for lack of a better term) themselves into our good graces. At the time, anthropomorphy was all the rage.
Now it's kind of creepy. But, it also may be indicative of a long-running subversion of the evil squirrel empire.

There must be a reason Man's Best Friend chases these creatures, no?

1 comment:

Jim Donahue said...

That photo a total rip-off of the "dogs playing poker" painting!

Addition to list of things to dislike about squirrels: plagiarism.